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Wednesday 24th Feb 2016

On Wednesday 24th we were back at the Océane "new look" and I forgot the projector.

Not to worry, the subject was neighbours and everybody seemed to have perfect neighbours, kind, helpful, discreet...can we really be in France? Or is everybody worried about eavesdropping by the secret services?

So here is the vocabulary that I noted:

  • housewarming
  • to have something done
  • stragglers (as opposed to strugglers)
  • pick up his mail
  • peeping Tom
  • to forward mail
  • to sit on eggs
  • to hatch
  • to lay eggs
  • egg shell
  • a good yoke !!! ha ha
  • egg white
  • ear plugs
  • trustworthy
  • I wouldn't trust him any further than I can throw him
  • to look after someone/thing
  • to look at something
  • to look forward to something
  • to look up
  • to look out
  • to look down
  • handyman
  • to get to know each other
Next week prepare yourself for a debate "for or against the Brexit".

Prepare your arguments for both sides as you don't know which team you'll be in.

See you Wednesday