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7th December 2016

Divided into 3 groups of four. Each group was given an article to read from the English press: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph.

After analysis of the article and working on new vocabulary, one person read the article aloud. The other members of the group asked questions to make sure that the article had been understood.

The articles concerned :

  • Olivier Giroud's current situation with Arsenal,
  • A convicted paedophile who was murdered with his own trumpet in a cathedral in Buenos Aires
  • A man who punched a kangaroo in the face to stop it strangling his dog.

Here's the list of words I noted :

to set upon
to burst in
a hat trick
a transfer window
a striker
to strike, struck struck
to report
to yell
to turn up
a turn up for the books
to wrestle
to kick
to flee
to lick
to bite
a mate
to mate
a chest plate
a forearm
a firearm
the dot com economy